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How to Choose Long Sleeves for Your Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress

Written by Jennifer Kessler


Posted on December 06 2020

Hello Beautiful Bride...

So many small, intricate details go into planning a wedding. Between picking out a color scheme, venue, bridal party, flowers, the menu, music, and more ⎯ it is all so much fun, but it can also be overwhelming. And probably one of the most anticipated moments for you, the bride, is picking out the perfect wedding gown. The silhouette of the dress, the color, the fabric...who knew there was so much to decide on?! But wait, there’s more…

Sleeves. Sounds a little silly, we know, but ensuring you have the right sleeve on your perfect plus size wedding dress can make all the difference in how you look and feel on your big day.

To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve...That is the Question

Some brides know immediately if they want sleeves or not on their wedding dress. It is perfectly fine if you aren’t sure! We are going to help you answer the question, “To sleeve or not to sleeve?” Here are some basic elements of your wedding that you should take into consideration when deciding if a sleeve is right for you, or not:

Religion - Certain religions emphasize that a bride’s dress be more modest and cover certain parts of the body, including the collarbone, shoulder, and even the elbow.

Season - Whether you are having your wedding in the winter, spring, summer, or fall should be considered.

Time - The time of your ceremony ⎯ morning, midday, or evening ⎯ could also play a part in whether or not you want sleeves on your wedding gown.

Once You’ve Decided

Let’s say you’ve decided you do in fact want sleeves on your wedding dress. Great! Now it’s time to consider your fabric, texture, and length. Lace, tulle, sheer, fitted, loose...again, so many small, intricate details! Remembering the key details of your wedding will help you to decide, but here are a few specific notes regarding certain textures and fabrics to help you along:

Lace - Lace is a romantic option that truly helps complete a look by giving your profile a sophisticated, uninterrupted line. It is wonderful for covering up areas you may not want to highlight, but it can also look a bit overwhelming if there is too much of it on the upper bodice of your gown.

Sheer - Sheer sleeves are whimsical and often come with beautiful applique and could be just the right look for an evening wedding in the summertime. On the other hand, sheer sleeves may not be the best option in colder weather as it will do little to provide coverage or warmth.

Loose vs. Fitted - Depending on both the style of your dress and the feel you want for your wedding, you could choose either a loose or fitted sleeve. When we say loose...think flowing Boho Stevie Nicks. Fitted sleeves would go well with a more formal, classic gown.

Length - Maybe you want small, delicate sleeves to cover your shoulders, or you could go with a full lace sleeve. Choosing the right sleeve length can make all the difference in the style, comfort, and custom feel of your dream wedding gown.


Andi B Brides loves to customize their sleeve style and length and we encourage this custom styling option! Send us your inspiration and design request and we'll make it happen! Our handmade gowns are designed with versatility and YOU in mind.